Recruitement Life Cyle


Recruitment services our company provides best quality services that include selecting enthusiastic, as well as potential individuals. When the selection process ends, we step into the screening process. This is a first step in filtering specific talents that meets our clients’ requirements. The selection and screening process is done through several steps or layers. From mock interviews to general group discussions – all necessary tests are practiced to judge the individual skills and Intelligence Quotients.

Head Hunting Specific job categories need hunting. This is performed through our informal network of associates locally in different industrial establishments, corporate sectors and technical colleges.

  • Talent Hunt & Skill Development.
  • Looking For A job- There is no better place to Start.
  • Need AN Employee-We Have got Right Candidates.
  • Extending your Team- Find a Perfect Match.

Internet / Portals

PhotoAccess to various Job portals in the industry also gives us the opportunity to have access to the potential candidates, although the total participation on the job portals is merely 15-20% of the available talent pool.

but it definitely gives us the kickstart to search for the prospective candidate and help us to take the search further.